The Founder


Sherilley Leach

Sherilley’s fascination with the paranormal started at a young age, having had several questionable experiences. Unaware of the word ‘Paranormal’, she saw things and heard things that she just didn’t understand. But as a child, she didn’t question it, just accepted it. The world of paranormal called to her a few years later and sparked a keen interest into finding the truth and answers.

Having attended hundreds of ghost hunts as a guest and as a host for commercial ghost hunting companies, Sherilley decided something new was needed. Proud Founder of Paranormal Discovery, Sherilley enjoys working with guests and friends that share the same passion, intrigue and most importantly, sense of humour. Paranormal Discovery is a new journey that Sherilley is looking forward to exploring with like-minded individuals.

There are always two sides to a coin, and Sherilley is also a highly experienced Paranormal Investigator. A promotor and advocate of critical thinking and ethical paranormal investigation, Sherilley enjoys research into the claims behind anomalous phenomena. A member of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and an approved, registered investigator on the NRPI (National Register of Professional Investigators), this has allowed Sherilley to research all aspects of paranormal phenomena.

Subsequently Sherilley is Co-Founder of Severn ASSAP, an organisation that allows her to investigate paranormal/anomalous phenomena with a small team at private locations, in a belief neutral, scientific approach. Sherilley has attended courses and is trained to an advanced level in paranormal investigation, evidence gathering and witness interview techniques.

The Approach


Bookings & Payments

Yes, as soon as your booking is placed, a booking confirmation will be sent via email to the email address submitted on booking. Please take care to make sure that the submitted email address is correct and free of spelling mistakes. If you have not received your confirmation email, then please check your Junk or Spam folder(s). It may well be lurking in there, as it can often happen. To help prevent this, please add to your address book or safe sender list to ensure that our emails arrive in your inbox. You’ll also be able to login to “My Account”, to see the status of your booking(s) at any time via our website;, so long as an account was created on booking.


If you have chosen to book an event using the deposit option, your confirmation email issued from Paranormal Discovery will confirm the deposit paid and the remaining balance. The email will provide a link for you to pay the remaining balance, but you’ll also be able to pay any balances through logging into “My Account” that you can access via our website;

Final balances are normally due no later than 4 weeks prior to the event. The final payment date will be displayed on the ‘Payment Options’ tab. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is made by the deadline. We will endeavour to issue reminder(s) as the date approaches, if payment has not been received. Failure to pay a balance on time will result in your place being offered to other guests.


Simply log into “My Account” via our website, This is the account you created on booking an event. Your booked event(s) will be listed with remaining/final balances displayed. Click on the event you wish to pay the balance for and follow the payment step to finalise your payment via our secure on-line payment system, Stripe.


At the moment, no sorry. However, that’s not to say that it won’t change in the future!

We don’t accept Cash, Cheques or Bank Transfers. This policy is applied to all Paranormal Discovery events and is non-negotiable.


Sorry, no. All bookings must be paid in full prior to attending the event. All our venues are paid for in advance, so we cannot hold any places, just in case of no shows on the night.

This policy is applied to all Paranormal Discovery events and is non-negotiable.


No, we do not accept this method of payment. Simply because it is very easy to misplace funds, sent to wrong accounts (often difficult to get back) and also you have no buyer protection when using this method.  Therefore, for your safety of buying online we insist that any bookings are made through our secure on-line payment system, Stripe.


No, we don’t.  We run ticketless events, but your booking will be on our event guest list. If multiple tickets have been booked, we do ask that all names of your party are provided and not just the main booking name, so we can check everyone off.  This is especially beneficial if your party is arriving separately to each other.

You don’t need to print off your booking confirmation emails either, although its always wise to have them easily accessible on your phone, just in case there are any discrepancies.  Don’t forget you’ll also be able to login to “My Account” via our website;

One week in advance to the event an email will be sent with all required information.  This will contain information such as full event details / information / booking details etc. and will be sent to you in PDF format to your given email address at time of booking.  The PDF will contain everything you need to know such as timings, what to wear and address etc.  Keep an eye on your Junk or Spam folder(s) and ensure that on booking you provide us with your correct email address.


If guest(s) that were joining you for the evening are unable to attend, just pop us an email to and let us know, along with the name(s) of the guest(s) that are coming in their place.  We can then update our event guest list.  Please note, as per our Terms & Conditions, anybody that is joining you for the event must be 18 years of age or over.  Guests will not be allowed to attend if they have not read and complied with the Terms & Conditions of Paranormal Discovery.


Unfortunately, not.  All deposits made against events are non-refundable.  Our venues are paid in full, well in advance of the event, so we are unable to reclaim for any cancelled bookings.  We know that circumstances in life may mean that you are unable to make it and whilst we have empathy for emergency situations we will be unable to reimburse your money regardless.  We will however, endeavour to help you sell your booking to any other interested parties that may be sitting on the events waiting list.

You may contact us at least 28 days before the event you have booked to request a change to a different event if you so wish, however there is no guarantee this request can be granted.


Simply log into “My Account” via our website,  This is the account you created on booking an event.  Your booked event(s) will be listed with remaining/final/full balances.



Whether it’s a ghost hunt, a history and mystery ghost tour or a psychic supper, we will always start the evening by welcoming everyone and talking you through exactly what to expect on the night. We will discuss a little of our approach to the evening and we will introduce you to the team, so you’ll know exactly who to go to if you have any questions or concerns.

If it’s a ghost hunt you are joining us for, we will talk briefly through some of the equipment that you may use, but the fun will be later when you are hands on using the equipment! If appropriate, we will also give you a brief history of the location, nothing in-depth as we don’t want to suggest too much, but please don’t worry if you’d prefer not to know anything of its past, just let a team member know. We will of course, address any health and safety elements too. All this whilst you enjoy a welcome drink.

Once the welcome is out of the way (we promise it won’t take long), we will then get down to business and start the evening. If it’s a ghost hunt you are booked on, we will usually have a walk around of the location. On some events we maybe joined by a Psychic Medium whom will give us an insight to any spirits that may be present and willing to communicate. After a group seance, we will then split down into smaller teams and locate ourselves logistically to help reduce any noise and/or light contamination and start our vigils. Vigils we be rotated so all groups get to experience working in different areas of the venue. You’ll have a chance to trial an array of equipment from some of the more traditional methods to some of the most up-to-date ghost hunting equipment available. If however, there is equipment you’d rather not use, or experiments you’d rather not be part of, then again please let us know. We will also endeavour our guests to have some free time to themselves at the venue, to allow you to carry out your own vigils and experiments.

And finally, the most important part – refreshments and snacks will be available on most ghost hunts (if for any reason they aren’t this will be advertised on the event page of our website Please feel free to help yourselves as you’ll be glad of that caffeine intake once past midnight!


Category: Events

On The Night

On most of our ghost hunts, a large proportion of the evening will be carried out in the dark, so it is highly recommended that you take a torch, in fact for health and safety reasons, we insist!

Warm clothing (layers is the best option) is recommended as some of our locations can be cold even during the summer months, so it is important that you are well insulated.  By layering clothing this will provide more comfort in warmer locations too.

As some of our locations are known for uneven flooring and lots of steps – comfortable, flat soled footwear is also recommended.

Some events can be up to 8 hours long, so please feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks, although there will be complimentary drinks and snacks available on ghost hunts.

All guests are welcome to bring a small fold-up chair if you so wish.


Category: On The Night

It’s your night, of course you can! Paranormal Discovery are keen to encourage all guests to bring along filming equipment to an event, as it can prove to be a valuable tool to see what may have been captured.  If you have discovered anything whilst reviewing your footage, do let us know – we’d love to see what you have captured, and we will do our best to get it verified through a reliable source.

We do ask when filming on an event that you are mindful of other guests and ask their permission to be filmed.

If you have any other equipment you’d like to try on an event, please do so!


Category: On The Night

During ghost hunt events we always designate a base room.  This is a well-lit safe, area that guests are welcomed into at the start of the night.  If you become frightened at any point please let a team member know as soon as possible, and if necessary we can take you to the base room for some well earnt time out.


Category: On The Night

Ghosts and spirits unfortunately, do not make their presence known on demand.  Sometimes, they need a little coaxing, after all, don’t we all!  Our events are designed to try psychic experiments to try to encourage spirit activity.  Our experienced hosts will be there to provide a helping hand, but we do love our guests to get involved too. It is your night, after all.  We often focus on areas that is known for paranormal activity, and very rarely will it disappoint however some nights can be quieter than others.  Nothing can ever be guaranteed in the world of paranormal!


Category: On The Night

As part of the evening, Paranormal Discovery will endeavour to allow guests to have some free time to themselves to carry out own vigils and experiments.  On the odd occasion we are restricted by the venue, as some locations insist that all guests are escorted by a team member at all times throughout the evening.


Category: On The Night

No, we do not provide sleeping facilities on our events.  Unless otherwise advertised on the events page on our website (, our events involve you being awake all night.


Category: On The Night

Most of our ghost hunts will be indoors, however, if we are at a location that is known for activity outdoors, and the venue allows, we may hold a vigil outside.  Please be prepared and bring along adequate clothing just in case we do spend time outdoors.


Category: On The Night

All Paranormal Discovery events are hosted by experienced and professional hosts and team members.  Where the event lends its self to a Psychic Medium being present, then this will be advertised on the events page on our website (

If no Psychic Medium is present on an event you will be in very safe hands with our experienced hosts and team members who have a wealth of knowledge, all of which are fully trained in all aspects of professional ghost hunting events.


Category: On The Night

Yes, we will keep you feed and watered with complimentary drinks and snacks, although you are very welcome to bring your own along.  Few locations have NO electricity and NO running water.  In such circumstances, we will let you know to bring your own drinks and snacks.

Other events, such as Psychic Suppers may include a meal, but this will be clearly stated on the events page on our website (  On booking these events you’ll be asked for your (and your guests) menu choice at the time of booking.


Category: On The Night

These things happen, and if you are unable to attend an event on the night then please contact Paranormal Discovery as soon as possible.  It’s preferable that you call us on 07775 915116 as soon as you can, so that we can make the team aware that you won’t be attending.

In such situations please refer to our Terms & Conditions regarding cancellations.


Category: On The Night

Restrictions & Legalities

Afraid so!  Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted on our events. This policy is applied to all Paranormal Discovery events and is non-negotiable.


Due to restrictions at our locations pregnant women are not allowed on any of our ghost hunting events. Sorry, our guests’ health comes first.


Most of our ghost hunts and history and mystery ghost tours involve a lot of standing and walking around, and some locations do have a lot of steps or uneven floors. Attending is solely down to the guest’s choice; however, you may find that you’ll be restricted to just a few areas.

All guests are welcome to bring a small fold-up chair if you so wish.  Our team are always on call if you need any help.


Absolutely not, there will be no alcohol at our events.  Alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted at any time, prior or during any event.  Anyone attending under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused admission and all monies paid will be lost.

If the team suspect that anyone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or that any guests may have brought in such substances to an event they will be asked to leave immediately and again all monies paid will be lost.


Yes, we are insured for £5,000,000.


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