When communicating with spirits, there are many techniques that can be experimented with on a ghost hunt; one of which is ‘Automatic Writing’.


What’s automatic writing all about then?

Well, it can be considered as a form of channelling, where individuals allow a higher power to create or guide the words you write.  It’s one of the easiest types of psychic communication and involves writing to be produced by a spirit or subconscious agency rather than by the conscious intention of the writer(s).

Automatic writing has been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that it become better known.  It’s an energy that allows intuitive communication via pen and paper, or on a bigger scale – a whiteboard, planchette and marker pens.

Over the years we have witnessed some interesting results with using automatic writing and it’s now a firm favourite with the team and guests.  Paranormal Discovery Team Member, Ted Llewellyn, joined us for a night of ghost hunting at the Olympus Theatre, Barton Street, Gloucester and shares his experiences from one of the vigils:

“Saturday night saw me take my first ever vigil with guests. I choose automatic writing; a favourite of mine for a while now!

I choose an area of the historical Olympus Theatre, that many guests and team members have had a very heavy feeling whilst climbing the stairs to, feeling and hearing footsteps behind them. A room at the top of the stairs known as the old ‘Reel Rewind Room’ which gives me a sense of hurt, upset and torture all wrapped in one. It was a must! I had to go back and find out why apoteketgenerisk.com!

Three team members, myself and four guests headed up, anxiously wanting something to happen.  Firstly, a guest had a very strange tightening of the throat as soon as we entered the room, with another guest feeling extremely angry. Another team member had a vivid vision of what had happened there.  

I quickly set up the white board and marked a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ at each end with a red marker pen. The planchette was prepared and ready to scribble.

Immediately, activity started. Asking who was with us, a scribble was written. When asked who the spirit wanted to communicate with, the planchette moved towards me! Asking who it was, the same scribble appeared. Interestingly this scribble was my own scribble signature! Without me having contact with the planchette this happened twice.

We then made contact with a young girl who had been murdered in the room. Her name was Elizabeth who was 24 years old at the time. Elizabeth was watching a show in the theatre when a member of staff who we found out was called ‘ Charlie Boy ‘ had targeted her during the performance. He had asked her to come up to the Reel Rewind room to see how the films were shown, a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ offer. Elizabeth agreed. Once there, Charlie Boy put his hand around her neck, slammed her against the wall and carried out an awful crime. Elizabeth conveyed Charlie boy was 21 years old and went to prison for his awful crime. He was also present with us, however not communicating at this point. 

Elizabeth is angry and wants people to hear her story, we are glad she was able to communicate this to us. We ended the vigil with a vivid vision from our team member explaining exactly what had been presented to us by Elizabeth.

An amazing location with amazing interactions. If you feel intrigued and want to explore this truly historic building, I strongly recommend a visit on one of our Club 10 events. There is so much energy and activity to be explored!

I’d like to thank the guests for the energy they put in and for interacting so well. It was a really interesting night and a location I can’t wait to return to.”

Ted Llewellyn

Team Member – Paranormal Discovery

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