We’ve all done it from time to time; we’ve all had the desire to live a better and a more fulfilling life.  It may be the small little things that we focus on that may just make life a little more easier, or you may have wished for some life changing decisions that sets our paths on a different journey.  But how many of you wish you could see, or hear spirit?

Team Member, Amy Browning talks us through her beginnings with becoming clairaudient and clairvoyant, and how she was mindful of what she wished for…

“When I started to become more spiritually open and aware, I was keen to communicate to spirit that I wanted to be able to see them. A lot of people would be quite freaked out by this but I was beginning to have a lot more spiritual experiences, seeing signs and becoming more clairaudient. This was in 2017 at a time when I’d completed my training in Karuna ® and Holy Fire II Reiki and subsequently wanted to attend a spiritual circle to become more open and attuned to the world of spirit.

I had an acute sense that something significant was going to happen on May 5th. When I chatted this through with a spiritual teacher, she felt it related to Beltane and a new beginning. A week prior to this, I had asked to be able to see spirit as I wanted to develop my clairvoyance and in turn, be able to help others.

When I went to bed on May 5th, I woke to a crashing noise downstairs. I went to investigate and there was a wooden plinth smashed on the floor. It had been in the same position for a year, and there was no feasible explanation for why it was in this state so I concluded there was a spirit presence in the house. I returned to bed and about an hour later, I had an intense ringing in my ears and felt very cold like someone was blowing on my face. I could hear footsteps on the stairs.

At this point, my eyes were closed and I forced them open as I knew I would be about to see a spirit. A male spirit wearing a coloured striped shirt walked past my bed and then disappeared through the wall.

I remember feeling excited about this encounter. I still recall it clearly and I’ve had many spirit encounters since but this has been the most vivid and memorable to date. So be careful what you wish for – as it might just happen!”

Amy Browning

Paranormal Discovery – Team Member

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