“Hello!  So, here we are, the first of many blogs (I hope!).  You see, if I let you into a secret I have always managed to shield away from writing a blog.  It was never ‘my bag’ until I realised blogging your thoughts, your dreams, your ambitions, is an incredible thing to do. So, without further ado here it is…!”

 Sherilley  xx

Firstly welcome.  This is Paranormal Discovery UK (otherwise known as Paranormal Discovery).  Yes, yes –  I know there are a million and one ghost hunting companies out there, but this is US עצות!  This is new.  This is incredibly exciting. Why?  Because I have worked for main stream Ghost Hunting companies; I have years of experience – not just as a Ghost Hunter but a Paranormal Investigator too.  I love working with guests, meeting new people, sharing experiences and more importantly new ideas.  After all, who said that our way is the only way?  Right?

If you are reading this, then you have already discovered our website. With the official launch date, Wednesday 1st August 2018, we are working to bring you public, corporate and private ghost hunts (*cue Ghostbusters theme tune!). Psychic Suppers (eat whilst you listen to your destiny!).  History and Mystery walking tours in various locations across the UK (after all exercise IS good for you! 😉). And if you are still wanting more and appreciate that there is a ‘serious’ side to ghost hunting, then maybe, just maybe we can throw in a belief neutral, scientific paranormal investigation.

Venues, locations, equipment, experiments – we are open to suggestions.  After all, Paranormal Discovery is all about you and your night.  Let’s book those venues that have been on your wish list for some time; let’s look at new locations across the UK; and let’s try that experiment that you have been dying to try but felt too awkward, or never had the opportunity to ask last time you were on a ghost hunt.

We are not a company that segregates between ‘You’ and ‘Us’.  We are very approachable and like to work together, have fun, discover, experience the unexplained and most importantly forge new friendships along the way.  Everyone really is welcome! Singles, Couples, Groups. Family. Friends. Please, just don’t bring your dog or cat with you!  However, we must firmly say no to anyone that is pregnant, under 18 years of age or anyone that is under the influence of drink or drugs.  This, as you can appreciate is to comply with company Health & Safety policies, for insurance purposes and of course, for the safety of our Guests and Team.

We are new, but we are very experienced.  Yes, it’ll take a little time to become established.  But with the support of our guests, friends and family we really are looking forward to this paranormal journey together.  Have a look at our Events page, more events will be added in due course.  Hopefully there is something on there for everyone.

I sincerely look forward to seeing you on one of our events.  If you do have any questions in the meantime please feel free to use the Contacts page on this website, or to email us at info@paranormaldiscovery.uk.  We will respond to you as soon as possible.

One last thing, there is a HUGE difference between Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Investigations and it annoys me when Ghost Hunting companies suggest their ‘events’ are paranormal investigations.  It is a bug bear of mine, and as you get to know me, you’ll understand why.  “What is the difference?” I hear you say…. well, all will be covered in a future blog 😊.

Until the next time.


Founder – Paranormal Discovery

4 comments on “Hey, and welcome!”

  • Paul & Ann


    Let me start by saying well done and congrats . So glad to see This wonderful new site up and running . My wife and i will be joining you at De Grey and cant wait to meet you all. Hope paranormal discovery grows from strength to strength . Good luck and lets go investigate.

  • Leeca


    Love the new website – Anita you are brilliant at what you do and I wish you all the luck in the world with this. I’ll defo be making a booking very soon. Looking forward to the suppers too!

    • Paranormal Discovery - Sherilley


      Lecca, thanks for your kind comments about the website which has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears for Matt (Wed Developer) and myself, Sherilley. But we are all really pleased with the outcome. We look forward to seeing you on an event.

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