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The Ancient Ram Inn (Ghost Hunt & Witchcraft Workshop) 30/10/2019


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Ghost Hunt & Witchcraft Workshop on 30th October – Devils’ Night!

We are heading back to this much loved location for 30th October – sometimes known as “The Devils’ Night”!

The Ancient Ram Inn can be found within the village of Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire. Many people believe that it is one of the most haunted buildings in the country, if not the world! The Inn was once owned by the St. Mary’s Church when it was first built. Because of the reported spectres seen at the Inn, it has been investigated by various paranormal researchers.

The Inn was built in 1145. Priests used the Inn years ago as a ‘Keeping House’ for slaves and workers who helped construct the St. Mary Church. In 1930, the Inn was bought by Maurice de Bathe. Since then the Inn has become a private property and it has changed hands several times. The land where the inn is built is on the intersection of two Ley Lines. These are places which people believe to have high spiritual energy. When you use a map, you can trace the lines all the way through the centre of Stonehenge. According to legend, Stonehenge has energy which travels through the Ley Lines to feed the paranormal power found in the Ancient Ram Inn. Furthermore, an ancient Pagan burial ground is reported to have resided in the location over 5,000 years ago.

Witchcraft Workshop

The Ancient Ram is also famous for the ghost of a witch who is said to haunt one of the bedrooms. Having been accused of Heresy, she fled and took refuge at the Ancient Ram. She was found, however, and subsequently either burned or hanged for her crime. Her ghost is said to haunt what is now known as “The Witch’s Room” where screams have been heard and shadows of a female figure have been witnessed followed by sightings of a cat. Some people have felt the cat brushing against their legs and others have seen more than one ghost of a witch present in the room. Psychic Mediums have reported occult energy at the location, claiming that other areas of the building have been used for the purposes of Witchcraft including the area near the fireplace in the old bar and what is now the barn.

On our previous investigations, we have encouraged these energies to make their presence known.  For this special event, an expert in Witchcraft will be assisting the group in understanding energy and Witchcraft, by running a vigil, sharing knowledge and using techniques such as trigger objects to encourage the spirits of the witches to come out and play!

What a perfect beginning to Halloween!

Date: Wednesday 30th October 2019

Meeting Point/Arrival Time: 8.45pm at the The Ancient Ram Inn.

Event Times: 9.00pm to 3.00am

Address: The Ancient Ram Inn, 8 Potters Pond, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire GL12 7HF

Parking: Yes, a small car park is available on site, and it is free.

What’s included:

  • Witchcraft Workshop
  • Investigation of allocated areas of the venue
  • Séances and group vigils to include use of traditional, trigger and ghost hunting equipment
  • Opportunity to participate in ghost hunting experiments
  • Free time to conduct your own experiments, research and investigation

Additional Information:

  • Complimentary drinks throughout the night
  • Toilets on site
  • First aid trained team
  • Fully insured event

Please Note:

  • There are no sleeping facilities at this venue.
  • With regret, this event is not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties.
  • Where an event lends its self to a Psychic Medium being present, we will aim to ensure this happens, however this is never guaranteed.


  • If the team suspects that anyone is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or that any guests may have brought in such substances to an event they will be asked to leave immediately, and all monies paid will be lost.
  • Booking of this event is made through Paranormal Discovery UK only, please do not contact the location with queries.

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