Gareth and his view on Reiki and its role in Ghost Hunting

We often meet energy workers such as ‘Healers and Reiki Practitioners’ who sense energy during ghost hunts. It’s fascinating to hear how our guests are sensing energy and to discuss what they are experiencing, it’s all part of Ghost Hunting! Team Member  – Gareth Lello is a Reiki Practitioner and is able to sense energy.  Here’s Gareth sharing his thoughts on Reiki and its role in Ghost Hunting!

“To understand the role of reiki in ghost hunts, firstly it’s best to explain what it is.

The word ‘Reiki’ literally means higher life force power (Rei) and guided life force energy (Ki) whereby the Reiki Practitioner acts as a conduit for spiritual energy, sometimes known as God or divine energy. This energy is channelled through the Reiki Practitioner user for the greater good of the person receiving the treatment and the energy goes where it is needed. This could be for physical or emotional issues depending on what the recipient needs.

For someone to become a Reiki Practitioner they must be taught by a Reiki Teacher and be attuned properly to be able to use the energy. For a basic first level this energy can be used for self-healing, but if you continue and progress onto further levels then you can obtain insurance and offer this service to members of the public.

By being attuned to the reiki energy at any level from ‘basic to master’ means being attuned to that energy and therefore being more sensitive to spirit communication. The further you progress, the more attunement you receive, but this doesn’t necessarily mean becoming more sensitive. When you have made that connection to the energy it is always there and this helps to draw spirit in because you are now working at a higher frequency, making communication easier. I have seen this on many ghost hunts and sometimes people who are natural born spiritual healers can tap into this energy naturally, but don’t realise it unless there is someone there that can spot that and advise them.”

Are you a Reiki Practitioner who has experienced spirit energy in this way? Do you find that since your attunement, it is easier to communicate with spirits? Comment below and let us know!

Gareth Lello

Team Member – Paranormal Discovery

4 comments on “Reiki and its role in Ghost Hunting”

  • Mandy vonk


    I work as a healer much the same as reiki with energies, i find that you feel the energ as well as sensing. Being a medium it has enhanced my senses.

  • Lisa


    Sadly for me, being reiki 2 level had no affect for me regarding spirit communication/ ghost hunts ( hate the term hunt btw) . It was 3 years later that i met my medium mentor who was able to teach me to sense energy properly and go on to have spirit communication from there.

    • Gareth Lello


      Hi Lisa,

      I was doing both at the same time but everyone is different but i bet its amazing now that you are tuning into the energy.

      We have to use the term ghost hunt as paranormal investigation means something else and is based on a more specific scientifc investigation.

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