• Can I pay on the night?

    Sorry, no. All bookings must be paid in full prior to attending the event. All our venues are paid for in advance, so we cannot hold any places, just in case of no shows on the night. This policy is applied to all Paranormal Discovery events and is non-negotiable.  

  • Are there other methods of booking?

    At the moment, no sorry. However, that’s not to say that it won’t change in the future! We don’t accept Cash, Cheques or Bank Transfers. This policy is applied to all Paranormal Discovery events and is non-negotiable.  

  • How do I make payment of the remaining balance?

    Simply log into “My Account” via our website, www.pararnormaldiscovery.uk. This is the account you created on booking an event. Your booked event(s) will be listed with remaining/final balances displayed. Click on the event you wish to pay the balance for and follow the payment step to finalise your payment via our secure on-line payment system,
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  • When is my remaining balance due and how do I pay it?

    If you have chosen to book an event using the deposit option, your confirmation email issued from Paranormal Discovery will confirm the deposit paid and the remaining balance. The email will provide a link for you to pay the remaining balance, but you’ll also be able to pay any balances through logging into “My Account”
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  • Will I receive a confirmation of my booking?

    Yes, as soon as your booking is placed, a booking confirmation will be sent via email to the email address submitted on booking. Please take care to make sure that the submitted email address is correct and free of spelling mistakes. If you have not received your confirmation email, then please check your Junk or
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