• What should I do if I can’t make it on the night?

    These things happen, and if you are unable to attend an event on the night then please contact Paranormal Discovery as soon as possible.  It’s preferable that you call us on 07775 915116 as soon as you can, so that we can make the team aware that you won’t be attending. In such situations please
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  • Will there be food and drinks available on ghost hunts?

    Yes, we will keep you feed and watered with complimentary drinks and snacks, although you are very welcome to bring your own along.  Few locations have NO electricity and NO running water.  In such circumstances, we will let you know to bring your own drinks and snacks cz-lekarna.com. Other events, such as Psychic Suppers may
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  • Will there be a ‘Psychic Medium’ present?

    All Paranormal Discovery events are hosted by experienced and professional hosts and team members.  Where the event lends its self to a Psychic Medium being present, then this will be advertised on the events page on our website (www.pararnormaldiscovery.uk) du kan kolla här impotenciastop.com/. If no Psychic Medium is present on an event you will
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  • Are any ghost hunts outdoors?

    Most of our ghost hunts will be indoors, however, if we are at a location that is known for activity outdoors, and the venue allows, we may hold a vigil outside.  Please be prepared and bring along adequate clothing just in case we do spend time outdoors.  

  • Can I sleep at an event?

    No, we do not provide sleeping facilities on our events.  Unless otherwise advertised on the events page on our website (www.paranormaldiscovery.uk), our events involve you being awake all night mannligapotek.com/ espanolfarm.com.