Whether it’s a ghost hunt, a history and mystery ghost tour or a psychic supper, we will always start the evening by welcoming everyone and talking you through exactly what to expect on the night. We will discuss a little of our approach to the evening and we will introduce you to the team, so you’ll know exactly who to go to if you have any questions or concerns.

If it’s a ghost hunt you are joining us for, we will talk briefly through some of the equipment that you may use, but the fun will be later when you are hands on using the equipment! If appropriate, we will also give you a brief history of the location, nothing in-depth as we don’t want to suggest too much, but please don’t worry if you’d prefer not to know anything of its past, just let a team member know. We will of course, address any health and safety elements too. All this whilst you enjoy a welcome drink.

Once the welcome is out of the way (we promise it won’t take long), we will then get down to business and start the evening. If it’s a ghost hunt you are booked on, we will usually have a walk around of the location. On some events we maybe joined by a Psychic Medium whom will give us an insight to any spirits that may be present and willing to communicate. After a group seance, we will then split down into smaller teams and locate ourselves logistically to help reduce any noise and/or light contamination and start our vigils viagra genérico españa. Vigils we be rotated so all groups get to experience working in different areas of the venue. You’ll have a chance to trial an array of equipment from some of the more traditional methods to some of the most up-to-date ghost hunting equipment available. If however, there is equipment you’d rather not use, or experiments you’d rather not be part of, then again please let us know. We will also endeavour our guests to have some free time to themselves at the venue, to allow you to carry out your own vigils and experiments.

And finally, the most important part – refreshments and snacks will be available on most ghost hunts (if for any reason they aren’t this will be advertised on the event page of our website www.pararnormaldiscovery.uk). Please feel free to help yourselves as you’ll be glad of that caffeine intake once past midnight!


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