It’s been said that listening to the sound of Singing Bowls is like taking a ‘sound-massage’.  There are so many disharmonious noises in our everyday lives, that once you’ve experienced the sublimely harmonious sound of a singing bowl, you’ll appreciate its true ‘real tonic’ qualities.  Not only are they used for relaxation and mediation but singing bowls can be used on ghost hunts and investigations too.

Team Member, Gareth Lello explains how sound can be used during an investigation and why it’s a great way to attract spirit energies.

“To understand how sound can affect investigations it’s probably best to explain a little more. 

I find the best way is to imagine a piano on the left-hand side are the lower notes which represents human’s frequency and on the right-hand side are the high notes which represents spirit frequency. For us to communicate with spirit effectively we need to help raise our frequency so it becomes easier for spirit to come forward, whilst at the same time encouraging spirit to lower their frequency establishing a common “middle ground” where communication can take place.

One of the ways of doing that I have found works very well is the use of a singing bowl. Singing bowls are generally either brass Tibetan bowls or crystal singing bowls.  They come in various sizes and frequencies to resonate with different chakras of the body when meditating or during a healing treatment. The bowl that I find most effective is my larger crystal singing bowl the frequency of it seems to get the spirits interested.

I find that on some locations it works better than others as it depends on the acoustics. For example, earlier in the year we had a team event at the Olympus Theatre in Gloucester and during our group energy building I sat front of stage with the singing bowl and the acoustics were phenomenal. The sound reverberated around the whole building; even the aftershocks that you get when you stop on the singing bowl as it keeps on pulsing for some quite some time afterwards, continued to echo around the venue.

The result of this was that the guys in the circle started to experience a lot more activity, as it certainly encouraged the spirits to come forward. I have tried it in a couple of other venues too and it seems to be a frequency that spirits really resonate with so I’m looking forward to using it on upcoming events especially Drakelow Tunnels as the acoustics in there will be awesome!

Another way sound can be used to encourage spirit activity ties in a little with the  ‘Singapore Theory’. This theory is that by either dressing in period clothes, using objects from that period or certain sounds can cause spirit to come forward as it makes them feel more at ease as it’s something familiar to them.

This can be done in several ways such as playing Gregorian Chants to encourage Monks to come forward, which has proved successful a number of times and seems to be very effective. Pianos have also proved to work very well, by playing it spirits like to copy and interact especially as pianos have been used for numerous different reasons over the years. Mobile phones have also helped with so many apps and downloadable sounds there are more and more ways to play sounds that spirit will find familiar with for example air raid sirens to recreate the noise of a war time period.

As you can see sound can help in so many ways and with more apps, music services and devices to pick up on spirit activity it is a very simple and effective tool to encourage spirit activity and to help collect evidence.”

Gareth Lello

Team Lead – Paranormal Discovery

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